Taman Negara Day 2

Good morning sunshine!
Chores after breakfast

After, let’s just say, a very long night with less sleep than I would have liked, everybody else also seemed to wake up. As you get older you get more sensitive when you try to sleep, I guess. A hard and uneven surface, lack of pillows and the occasional porcupine invasion did its thing to severely hamper my capacity to sleep that night. As I went outside the cave to do my business in the morning I saw a deer. Or rather the backside of one as it spotted me and retreated into the jungle rather quickly. After this, I went back inside and had some breakfast which consisted of fried rice and some … Read More

Jungle Trekking in Taman Negara

A peaceful stretch on a very splashy ride!

So the day had come, the day I got to go out in the jungle. Since I did it 10 years ago in Sumatra this had been something I wanted to do again. It was one of these things that I didn’t actively long for during my long absence from Asia, but once the plans for the trip started to crystalize I immediately knew I wanted to do it. We started off by going to the travel agent where we had booked our trek to meet our guide and get our things packed. As you might have guessed we had to bring everything we were going to drink and eat with us. … Read More

Jungle Trekking as a vegetarian/vegan in Taman Negara

You have probably already read Joel’s post about our trekking adventure in Kuala Tahan (if not, do it. DO IT NOW). I enjoyed our trip very much but felt a little bit ill-prepared when it comes to food and thought, I could provide others with some information who want to go on a one- or two-night trek and prefer a plant-based diet or have any other dietary restrictions.

We only did the two-days-one-night trekking tour. Of course, you will also eat there and your guide will prepare your food but don’t worry, you will get a chance to help. Before leaving Kuala Tahan, we spoke to the organizers of the … Read More

The “Dietary-Preferences​”​ Component in Malaysia

I’ve been looking forward to Malaysia and Malaysian food. Malaysian food consists of three major cuisines: Malay, Indian and Chinese. I have chosen to structure this post differently compared to the other two about Cambodia and Vietnam. Instead of speaking about food in general I want to look at the three major cuisines one by one and will provide some information about restaurants and their location.

Malay food is not known to be overly vegetarian-friendly but I managed to find some tofu casseroles at a few Nasi Kandar places; buffet-like restaurants with pre-cooked meals. One example is the Waterfall café just outside of the botanical garden … Read More

The “Dietary-Preferences​”​ Component in Vietnam

Bun Rieu Chay – vegetarian soup with a sweeter tomato base and vermicelli rice noodles

Vietnam is world-wide known for its delicious and fresh food. The signature dish of the country is Pho, to which Joel already has dedicated an extensive post. A soup being the most famous dish of a country says a lot about the overall healthiness of the cuisine. Of course, western influences have resulted in sugary foods and drinks making their way onto the market but overall, you won’t find massive amounts of sugar in your daily food. But what about fish sauce and animal products? Is it hard to find good food to eat if you follow a vegetarian or vegan diet?

In general I … Read More

Abandoning Borneo and heading to Taman Negara

Sleepy jungle village

During this trip, I really wanted to go to Borneo. I had images in my head of walking through pristine jungles and diving Sipadan, a very famous dive-spot off the east coast of Borneo. I just had an image of Borneo in my head as a sort of ultimate adventure destination, perhaps short of the Amazon, the jungles of Borneo might be the wildest place on earth (whatever that means). And all throughout the trip, I had this idea of visiting Borneo. As the actual date of travelling to Malaysia got closer reality started to creep in. You see I also had some other ideas about what to do in Malaysia, mainland Malaysia to be exact. I … Read More

Aquaria KLCC

Dun dun Dun dun Dun dun Dun dun Dun dun Dun

During our stay in KL, we did stuff, obviously. While some of the most famous attractions did not appeal to us as much there are some things we both really wanted to do. The Petronas Towers were a bit expensive, and one of us does not appreciate heights so we both felt that it was not worth it. However, we both wanted to visit the aquarium or Aquaria. Aquaria is located right under the KL Convention centre hence the name/abbreviation KLCC, and to get there we walked through a small park area surrounded by some of the most impressive looking high-rises in the city including the Petronas Towers, so … Read More

Food in KL

So I said I would write a post about the food in KL so here we go. Because the food was really good. And I mean really good. From all the places we’ve been so far, KL might be the very best. That’s really saying something considering where we’ve been. I think KL is probably the place (excluding western fast food chains, which exist practically in every big Asian city, unfortunately) that you will have to work hardest to find a really bad meal. You can get really good food in Saigon for example, but there are some pretty sloppy restaurants catering to tourists there as well which are pretty plentiful in some places. Of course, these kinds of places … Read More

Going to a new country, big differences

City Panorama

After Hanoi, it was time to bid Vietnam goodbye and say hello to Malaysia and Kuala Lumpur. We flew with Malindo Air, a local Malaysian cheapie airline, which turned out to be pretty ok. Although one of us was unreasonably nervous about flying with a budget airline despite us having recently flown with similar airlines both in Asia and Europe. I’m not going to mention any names but it was the less tall and handsome of us. Eventually, we settled on this flight when one of us rightly pointed out that the mother airline (which was more expensive) would use the same plane as booking via the cheaper budget option anyway. The flight was very comfortable and went … Read More

Women’s museum and just walking around

In our last two full days in Hanoi, we were both just a tiny bit knackered but felt that we had to do some stuff and not only waste our time. One day, we basically just walked around trying different restaurants our student guides had recommended to us and seeing sights as we passed by them, including St. Joseph’s Cathedral. The second day we had the option of visiting the Vietnamese women’s museum and the infamous war-time prison dubbed “Hanoi Hilton” by American soldiers. Elly rightly pointed out that we had seen many things related to war and misery already (Toul Sleng, War remnants museum and Reunification Palace) and it might be nice to see something different instead. I agreed … Read More