Fatigue, fire and water retention

Let me tell you about the less pleasant parts of travelling. For me, at least, when I go to the tropics there is an adjustment period. For a few days, you are jetlagged and have slight diarrhoea. On top of that, your body just struggles to keep up with the heat and water loss from sweating. For me it just doesn’t matter how much water I drink, my body just can’t keep up the first couple of days and I need some kind of electrolytes or fluid replacement to be able to cope. After a few days, my body just adjusts and does fine. As for the diarrhoea, it’s not the kind of firehose on full blast diarrhoea, and more … Read More


Our journey actually started in Thailand, we spent four days in the land of smiles before going to Cambodia. We deliberately chose to not spend as much time in Thailand as the other countries we plan to visit. Part of the reason for that is that Thailand has become sort of an annual winter holiday pilgrimage for Swedish middle-class families, and takes in a lot of tourists in general. I’m not really trying to be some sort of travel snob or anything, it’s perfectly fine if you are not interested in the same travel experience as me. It’s just that for me personally, I don’t want to go across half the world to see places, then find towns where the … Read More

My first post

Hello there everybody and welcome to my travel blog. My girlfriend and I are currently on a 6-month trip across Southeast Asia. It is here on my blog I invite you to follow our adventures. I will be experimenting across many different formats such as videos, podcasts and traditional blogging. I will start with a few disclaimers, I am not a professional regarding basically anything that pertains to running a travel blog, I am not a video editor or a web designer and have never ever written something for professional or commercial purposes. In fact, English is not even my first language. However, I do want this to be my very own (and Elly’s) blog, which means me or Elly Read More