Down the Mekong

When we were in Kratie we just had to see the river dolphins. We chose to do this via kayaking because we needed the exercise, and besides just seeing the dolphins we would have a nice day out seeing other parts of the river as well. Frankly, just the thought of gliding down one of the mightiest and most important rivers on the surface of this planet was quite appealing to me. Also, the thought of chasing the dolphins with a motorboat didn’t seem like a healthy way to treat a dwindling population of endangered animals living in one specific spot of the river at all. This was the first time I was kayaking for real. I have a vague … Read More


Our preferred mode of transport

After Siem Reap, we decided to go to Kratie. Kratie is a small town on the bank of the Mekong river mainly known for its resident population of Irrawaddy river dolphins. That was the main attraction for us, but frankly, I just wanted to stay in a smaller town where you could take a walk and really get away from all the traffic and noise and see some regular Cambodian day to day life happening. Because of this (and also because of the price), we decided on a homestay a little bit outside of town. What we thought was a homestay beside a school, was actually a homestay inside a school. The school was run … Read More

Phare, the traditional Cambodian circus

Upper body strength

During our stay in Siem Reap, we decided to go to Phare the Cambodian circus. We originally decided to go to in Battambang but because we didn’t check the scheduling properly before booking we missed it and decided to go in Siem Reap instead. Phare is not a regular circus, it’s more like a combination of a theatre/dance and acrobatics show. We are not too fond of traditional circuses, because of how the animals are kept in most circuses. Phare has no animals and all performers are graduates of the Phare circus school, which is only open to youth from backgrounds of poverty and abuse as a way for them to find a way out of these … Read More

Angkor Day 3

All alone in a jungle temple

On the third day of our visits to Angkor, we decided to hire a private tuk-tuk for half a day and stay and watch the sunset in the evening. If my ass and Elly’s knee wouldn’t have been sore as fuck, we probably would’ve gone with bicycles again. And we were still too scared to drive scooters in Cambodian traffic. All in all, it was a good day as well, with further unexplored temples and a nice, if a little crowded sunset. However, we did have some trouble communicating with our driver. Most drivers seem to be mentally stuck in different circuits around the temples, and if you want to customize where you want … Read More

The Art of Haggling

Haggling. Bargaining. Making a deal. – Call it whatever you like, it is an essential part of travelling to most parts of the world. I mean, tourists mean money for many people and a chance to survive. Most of them don’t know what a local would pay or can’t speak the local language so all you can do as a tourist is to either hope to buy from someone who is very honest or you might just prepare for battle (it feels like that from time to time). So far, I have encountered three different kinds of people:

The “Honest” One

According to several sources it is common to encounter local prices and tourist prices, the latter one slightly (or … Read More

Heroic, well, rodents actually

In service, for all of us

In between going to the temples of Angkor, we did some other stuff in Siem Reap. One of them was to visit the Apopo hero rat centre. What is Apopo hero rat, you ask? Well, stick around and I will tell you. Cambodia is one of the countries most ravaged by landmines in the world. These unfortunate remnants of both “the secret war” (American involvement in Cambodia during the Vietnam war) and the devastating civil war and subsequent invasion by Vietnam are still littered across huge swathes of the Cambodian countryside. Even though these events are almost 50 years in the past, people in the countryside still get maimed by unexploded ordinance to this … Read More

Elly and the Rooster

Shop Cat
Shop cat

People love pets. I do, for sure. But not all people take care of their animals and you don’t need to be far away from home to understand that. This occurs in every country around the world. What you don’t see any longer in Sweden or Germany is pets on the loose, strays. This is a big issue in Thailand, Cambodia and many other countries. The first thing that I noticed when we arrived in Chanthaburi in Thailand was, that there were many homeless cats and dogs roaming around the neighborhoods. It doesn’t seem to be that common to castrate your male pets which ultimately leads to unrestrained reproduction.

But there are organizations and private fundraisers here and … Read More

Angkor Day 2

The second day in Angkor we actually went there by bike. Yes, a regular bicycle. The whole complex is about 10km from town so it’s very doable by bicycle. This was probably the preferred way to experience Angkor for me, with a few exceptions. Again we chose bikes over scooters because we are both reasonably used to riding bikes, but have practically no experience riding scooters. The traffic in Cambodia is a bit more hectic than Scandinavia, to say the least, so we went with the vehicle that we felt more comfortable with. If you feel more comfortable with a motorbike or scooter then that is probably the best option for you especially if you are not fit. … Read More

The big fat Angkor Wat update Day 1

As you readers probably expected we visited the temples of Angkor during our stay in Siem Reap. We ended up getting the three-day pass. The plan was first to get the one week pass, but there were other things we wanted to do as well and it was quite expensive, too. So when we realized we could get the 3-day pass and use it during a period of 10 days we decided to get that instead. What we also did was to experience Angkor in three different ways during each of our days, which also resulted in three drastically different experiences. The first day we and another traveller we met, went together to Angkor with a Guide. We did the … Read More