Vietnamese Coffee Part 2: Poop Coffee

Poop coffee, you say? Is that even a thing? Well, guess what. Yes, it is! Normally you would call it weasel coffee but it literally is made from the fermented coffee beans that a weasel (Asian palm civet) has pooped, ergo poop coffee. In the following text, I will not tell you anything about the history of this kind of coffee or go too much into detail regarding the controversy surrounding it. I will simply tell you about what it is that makes it so special and expensive and about its delicious not-at-all poopy flavour.

Weasels have the ability to find the ripest of coffee beans, a delicacy for them. In their stomaches, the beans … Read More

Ninh Binh

The small gravel roads I practiced my scooter riding skills on.

After Hue, we left for Ninh Binh or more correctly we left for Tam Coc, which is where a lot of the tourists end up when they are going to what is colloquially referred to as Ninh Binh. Ninh Binh is the name of the nearest slightly bigger town where the train stops. You go to Tam Coc because of the scenery, or in fringe cases, you might be a real goat meat aficionado which is a local speciality. I’ve heard the scenery around Tam Coc being described as Halong Bay on land except with fewer tourists. Well, I cannot account for the number of tourists in Halong Bay, … Read More

Vietnamese Coffee Part 1: The Original

Something that Vietnam is famous for is coffee. Not many countries in Asia can say the same but due to the long-lasting French influence, coffee has become a signature drink throughout Vietnam. Some say that the coffee in the south is the best and that the north is more of a tea community and more expensive and some say the opposite and argue that the original Vietnamese coffee comes from Hanoi. In the following series of posts, we will take a closer look at that.

I am no expert when it comes to coffee but in recent years, i have started to grow fond of this black elixier of life (just kidding, … Read More

Bach Ma National Park

The second full day in Hue we really had an itch in our legs, so we had booked a tour to Bach Ma national park. From what we understood the tour was basically driving to the top of a mountain, walking down the mountain a little bit, bathing in some lakes, and then seeing a waterfall and lastly walking some more. It fitted us perfectly, sometimes you have been inside cities for too long and you just want to run around and use your legs on uneven surfaces. There was only one tour operator doing the park, T.N.T travel. While this might seem like a bit of a sketchy monopoly kind of situation, the tour was well reviewed. … Read More

Getting out of your comfort zone

Tam Coc

I think one of my biggest issues is getting out of my comfort zone. Don’t get me wrong, I like trying new things, being spontaneous and even going nuts from time to time. The will is definitely there.

When I was younger, I did some not-so-smart things as probably most teenagers did without considering the consequences. Yeah, it’s stupid sometimes, but honestly, nowadays I miss not caring too much from time to time. With adulthood, it seems, comes not only responsibility but also overthinking things, but that is probably a trait that not necessarily every adult has developed. My mom has taught me to be cautious, maybe unconsciously by always saying that I should be careful and mentioning … Read More

Learn some Vietnamese, will ya?!

Learning some Vietnamese on Youtube

My goal is (or was before we started) to learn some sentences in every language necessary while travelling. That includes Thai, Khmer, Vietnamese, Malay, Tagalog and Indonesian. We only spent 4 or 5 days in Thailand so I didn’t manage to learn that much. I think we said ‘Thank you’in Thai but that was basically it. Still, the most important thing to know when travelling is how to thank someone in the main language spoken in the country. It is polite and people seem to like it when a foreigner knows how to say it.

In Cambodia I learned how to say ‘hello’ and ‘thank you’. I didn’t need to know so much more because … Read More

The old Imperial Citadel​

As Hue was the city of the Vietnamese royal Nguyen dynasty, we just had to visit the place where they actually lived. In case you are also wondering, Nguyen seems to be the most common surname in Vietnam nowadays, perhaps due to the royal heritage? There is a big Imperial compound in the middle of the city just North of the perfume river. The compound consists of several museums and touristy restaurants and the old imperial citadel where the emperors used to live. We didn’t visit any of the museums as the imperial citadel was plenty for one day. But as I stated in my previous post, I kind of don’t mind having unfinished business … Read More

On to the Imperial city of Hue

Crossing the Perfume river

After having spent a good week in Hoi An just walking around, going to the beach, and exploring the ancient town, we were leaving for Hue. Why Hue you ask? Well, actually I don’t really care if you ask because I’m going to explain it anyway. Hue is both known for its delicious food and being the old imperial capital in Vietnam, and there are also some national parks around in the area as well. We simply thought it would be pretty nice to explore Hue for a few days. And we happily found out that it turned out to be true. Well, to be fair I did hit my head and drew blood passing by … Read More

The “Dietary-Preferences​”​ Component in Cambodia

We all have probably been there – new country, different food. Experiencing new foods and a completely different kind of cuisine is for many travellers one of the main reasons to go abroad. But as exciting as it can be for the majority, it can be quite challenging for some. I’ve been doing some reading and research before we headed to Cambodia. A friend who has lived in Sihanoukville for a couple of months ensured me that it would be easy to find vegetarian options. It wasn’t difficult either but you would have to deal with three dishes available if you were on the road or in minor places: fried rice with vegetables, fried noodles (instant) with vegetables or omelette. … Read More

Cooking class number 3, actually

By now you’ve probably figured out that we like food, and enjoy going to different cooking classes. We actually did 2 in Cambodia as you might have noticed if you also follow us on Instagram, however, both were not detailed in the Blog since they were basically within a week of each other and cooking food that was pretty similar. However, we both wanted to do at least one in Vietnam as well. We eventually settled on one, Hoi An eco cooking tour. I wanted to do a full day one, where you made pho broth from scratch, but it was very meaty (Elly is a vegetarian) and expensive, so we went with this one instead. We were picked up … Read More