Taman Negara Day 2

Good morning sunshine!
Chores after breakfast

After, let’s just say, a very long night with less sleep than I would have liked, everybody else also seemed to wake up. As you get older you get more sensitive when you try to sleep, I guess. A hard and uneven surface, lack of pillows and the occasional porcupine invasion did its thing to severely hamper my capacity to sleep that night. As I went outside the cave to do my business in the morning I saw a deer. Or rather the backside of one as it spotted me and retreated into the jungle rather quickly. After this, I went back inside and had some breakfast which consisted of fried rice and some … Read More

Jungle Trekking in Taman Negara

A peaceful stretch on a very splashy ride!

So the day had come, the day I got to go out in the jungle. Since I did it 10 years ago in Sumatra this had been something I wanted to do again. It was one of these things that I didn’t actively long for during my long absence from Asia, but once the plans for the trip started to crystalize I immediately knew I wanted to do it. We started off by going to the travel agent where we had booked our trek to meet our guide and get our things packed. As you might have guessed we had to bring everything we were going to drink and eat with us. … Read More