About Us

Who are we, the people you travel with in this particular blog?

This is me eating, an activity I particularly enjoy. I also enjoy cooking since I can’t afford to pay for everything I eat to be cooked for me, that would be way too expensive. My name is Joel and I am in my middle thirties. If I shave the moustache and beard I will look much younger, so I won’t do that. I will also look less like a Viking, musketeer and quite possibly Jesus. I also enjoy travelling (duh), playing board and computer games, watching movies and reading books and stuff most non-morons enjoy.

Simply Beautiful

I used to be fit and handsome, now I’m only handsome. I might be more fit again, or at least thinner from constant travelling, and you know, the shits. But really everybody says they will be fit again, so who the hell knows?

This is Elly, she is almost as old and wise as me. Like me, she lives in Sweden, but she’s originally from Germany. This means she enjoys putting things into order, planning ahead, making packing lists and stuff like that. This means we work well together since I don’t enjoy doing these things, and also she is willing to suffer my company daily for some reason (yet unknown, according to herself).

The determined walk of a true German

She also likes playing computer games and board games (see that’s why we fit so well together), but has many more talents, like a beautiful singing voice that she very seldom lets out for the general public to enjoy or remembering where I put stuff when I tend to forget. She also lets me tease her endlessly for being German, socks in sandals, marchi… determined walking and stuff like that. She can’t tease me about being Swedish because frankly, Swedes are just boring.