Update delay excusewatch ​2019

Me taking a break after jungle trekking and losing buckets of precious fluid from my body.

So, as some of my most fervent and crazed fans (One can only dream, right?) might have noticed we’ve been offline for more than a few days. This is due to some unforeseen circumstances. This will not show up on the blog for a while because our travels are still a bit ahead of the blog. However, we are presently in Malaysia and decided to go jungle trekking. Since we knew about this beforehand, we had actually worked ourselves ahead of schedule to cover the days we went off the grid. And that is also precisely what happened. Our next destination the Perhentian Islands … Read More

The Horror

Why, oh lord WHY? I thought I could escape, but it follows me wherever i go. I tried to avoid it by going across half the world, and only wearing shorts for extended periods of time. But still, like the shark that stalks the Brody family from New England to the Bahamas in the cinematic masterpeice known as Jaws 4, it finds me. Unerringly like a psychokiller with murderous intent it follows me. The walls are closing in, I cannot escape, the panic rises and my heart starts beating faster. And then it comes, the moment you realize that there is no escape. The moment every man who detests spending money on clothing fears more than anything. The ripped crotch … Read More