Getting out of your comfort zone

Tam Coc

I think one of my biggest issues is getting out of my comfort zone. Don’t get me wrong, I like trying new things, being spontaneous and even going nuts from time to time. The will is definitely there.

When I was younger, I did some not-so-smart things as probably most teenagers did without considering the consequences. Yeah, it’s stupid sometimes, but honestly, nowadays I miss not caring too much from time to time. With adulthood, it seems, comes not only responsibility but also overthinking things, but that is probably a trait that not necessarily every adult has developed. My mom has taught me to be cautious, maybe unconsciously by always saying that I should be careful and mentioning … Read More

Learn some Vietnamese, will ya?!

Learning some Vietnamese on Youtube

My goal is (or was before we started) to learn some sentences in every language necessary while travelling. That includes Thai, Khmer, Vietnamese, Malay, Tagalog and Indonesian. We only spent 4 or 5 days in Thailand so I didn’t manage to learn that much. I think we said ‘Thank you’in Thai but that was basically it. Still, the most important thing to know when travelling is how to thank someone in the main language spoken in the country. It is polite and people seem to like it when a foreigner knows how to say it.

In Cambodia I learned how to say ‘hello’ and ‘thank you’. I didn’t need to know so much more because … Read More

The “Dietary-Preferences​”​ Component in Cambodia

We all have probably been there – new country, different food. Experiencing new foods and a completely different kind of cuisine is for many travellers one of the main reasons to go abroad. But as exciting as it can be for the majority, it can be quite challenging for some. I’ve been doing some reading and research before we headed to Cambodia. A friend who has lived in Sihanoukville for a couple of months ensured me that it would be easy to find vegetarian options. It wasn’t difficult either but you would have to deal with three dishes available if you were on the road or in minor places: fried rice with vegetables, fried noodles (instant) with vegetables or omelette. … Read More

Tuol Sleng genocide museum and the Royal Palace

Not the nicest place I’ve been to

In Phnom Penh, we visited both the Royal Palace and the Tuol Sleng genocide museum on two different days. Let me start by telling you that there won’t be many photos from Tuol Sleng. I believe that on sites such as Toul Sleng where literally thousands of people have been tortured, abused and killed you should not take photos for the purpose of showing them on your blog and generally to enhance your own personal profile/trademark or whatever you want to call it. That is why I only took some exterior shots of the buildings themselves and not much more. And besides, you were not allowed to take photos inside anyway, although I … Read More

To the capital

Typical PP street

After we spent some time in Kratie, it was time for us to travel to Phnom Penh and see some sights, but also to prepare ourselves for going to our next destination, Vietnam. Elly had a visa issue that needed to be dealt with, and I wanted to see some sights and museums in the capital. However, this was actually the second time we visited. We had secretly made a short stop after Kampot before we went to Battambang. It was probably because I had warned Elly about what a culture shock it could be to visit a really big Asian city for the first time. So she simply wanted to test the waters for two nights, … Read More

Down the Mekong

When we were in Kratie we just had to see the river dolphins. We chose to do this via kayaking because we needed the exercise, and besides just seeing the dolphins we would have a nice day out seeing other parts of the river as well. Frankly, just the thought of gliding down one of the mightiest and most important rivers on the surface of this planet was quite appealing to me. Also, the thought of chasing the dolphins with a motorboat didn’t seem like a healthy way to treat a dwindling population of endangered animals living in one specific spot of the river at all. This was the first time I was kayaking for real. I have a vague … Read More


Our preferred mode of transport

After Siem Reap, we decided to go to Kratie. Kratie is a small town on the bank of the Mekong river mainly known for its resident population of Irrawaddy river dolphins. That was the main attraction for us, but frankly, I just wanted to stay in a smaller town where you could take a walk and really get away from all the traffic and noise and see some regular Cambodian day to day life happening. Because of this (and also because of the price), we decided on a homestay a little bit outside of town. What we thought was a homestay beside a school, was actually a homestay inside a school. The school was run … Read More

Phare, the traditional Cambodian circus

Upper body strength

During our stay in Siem Reap, we decided to go to Phare the Cambodian circus. We originally decided to go to in Battambang but because we didn’t check the scheduling properly before booking we missed it and decided to go in Siem Reap instead. Phare is not a regular circus, it’s more like a combination of a theatre/dance and acrobatics show. We are not too fond of traditional circuses, because of how the animals are kept in most circuses. Phare has no animals and all performers are graduates of the Phare circus school, which is only open to youth from backgrounds of poverty and abuse as a way for them to find a way out of these … Read More