Showing off and getting punished

What an asshat this guy is

So I went to a Cambodian gym yesterday. I’m pretty big and tall (especially compared to the average Cambodian), and I have strong legs for my size. So when I got into the gym and went to the leg press machine I literally couldn’t stack enough weights on it to make it heavy enough for me, so I had Elly sit on top of the platform as well while I did my presses, of course, I did many more reps than I usually do as well. It was a minor attraction in the local gym we went to. I felt really strong and badass for a few minutes and then we went and did … Read More


That steady hum, heard from our guesthouse window in a less than gigantic city.

While the experience of visiting a gigantic Asian city is not something that necessarily can be called an easy transition for someone from a country with a population that is smaller than a lot of the bigger Asian cities, there is something about it that also appeals to me (as a short-term visitor). After all, as a Scandinavian, our lifestyle is very much in the minority. The number of people living the way I live is merely a drop in the ocean that is humanity. With the risk of sounding pretentious, there is a certain kind of beauty in the orderly chaos that is present in … Read More